With a rich history spanning back to 1987, my journey in the jewelry business has been nothing short of remarkable. It all began in the renowned "Jewelers Row" of Philadelphia, where I had the privilege of learning the art of bench work from seasoned goldsmiths hailing from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, and Armenia.

Since 2001, I have proudly operated a comprehensive jewelry service within the Golden Nugget Antique Market in Lambertville, New Jersey. This bustling hub has provided me with a platform to showcase my expertise and serve a diverse clientele.

Drawing upon my extensive knowledge, years of experience, and a solid reputation, I am able to offer my customers unparalleled benefits. Through my extensive network, I have cultivated valuable connections with esteemed dealers in diamonds, gemstones, high-end and vintage watches, and other wholesale avenues. This allows me to source exquisite pieces and provide my customers with remarkable savings.